Tasmania’s lifestyle

Tasmania’s lifestyle is gaining in reputation, evidenced by the growing number of visitors to the State each year.

Whether you are seeking a wilderness experience or prefer to relax and enjoy the café society, there is something here for everyone.

If you enjoy sports, Tasmania hosts AFL football matches, international and domestic cricket and other sporting codes. If the arts are to your liking, there are a number of boutique and cosmopolitan galleries and arts precincts. Tasmania has its own symphony orchestra and ballet company. If your interests are in the direction of food and drink, Tasmania is a food and wine-lover’s paradise.

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Salamanca market
Salamanca Markets and the 1830s sandstone warehouses near the Hobart waterfront.
© Tourism Tasmania and John de la Roche

salamanca markets

Salamanca Markets, operated by the Hobart City Council, have become something of an institution in Tasmania. From humble beginnings in 1972 with just ten stalls, occupying a small section of historic Salamanca Place, the markets now attract thousands of locals and visitors every Saturday from 8.30am to 3.00pm.

They come for the music and food – organic vegetables, fresh fruit, coffee and croissants; buskers singing the blues, stroking a harp or strumming a folk song. They come for bargains and breakfast – scrambled eggs and orange juice at a Salamanca bistro, then a stroll along the hundreds of stalls, meeting people who make or grow what they sell. www.salamanca.com.au

Restaurants in Tasmania
© Tourism Tasmania
and Basquali Skamaachi.
The change in Tasmania’s lifestyle is evidenced by the large increase in the number of restaurants. see more Tasmanian Restaurants HERE

did you know?

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures released in June 2007 show that Tasmania has the lowest crime rate of any state in Australia.

did you know?

Tasmania was the first Australian state to introduce permanent daylight saving in 1970.